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  • A randomized clinical trial of meridian based intervention for food cravings

  • Application of Emotional Freedom techniques

  • Brief Group Intervention using EFT for Depression in College

  • Assessment of the Emotional Free/dom Technique

  • StudentsClinical story of a 6 -Year-Old Boy's Eating Phobia: An Integrated Approach

  • Bloodcell-clumping (Roleaux)

  • EFT as An effective adjunctive in neurotherapeutic treatments

  • EFT for traumatic brain injury

  • EFT reduces intense Fears

  • EFT and the practising midwife

  • Evaluation of a meridian-based intervention

  • Integrating Energy Psychology into treatment for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

  • Modulating gene expression trough psychotherapy

  • Neurophysiological indicators of EFT treatment

  • Pilot study of EFT

  • PTSD 1

  • PTSD 2

  • Rapid treatment of PTSD

  • Re-examination of Church

  • Self-administered EFT in individuals with fibromyalgia

  • Single session EFT for stress related symptoms after motor vehicle accidents

  • Single session reduction of the intensity of traumatic memories inabused adolescents

  • Six trauma imprints treated with combination intervention

  • The dream to Freedom Technique

  • The effect of EFT on Anxiety, Depression, Pain and Cravings

  • The effect of EFT on athletic performance

  • The effect of Progressive Relaxation and EFT on test anxietyin high school students

  • The effects of EFT on long-term psychological symptoms

  • Treatment of combat trauma in veterans using EFT

  • Your DNA is not your destiny

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